CBS Sports Analyst Thinks Newport Still Has Jai Alai

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Last game was played in 2003.

It’s an occupational hazard for journalists…and more especially columnists, that things change, so offhand remarks might suddenly reveal you to be 6 months, a year, a decade…or, in this case, 12 whole years out of date. We often find ourselves “fact-checking” whether a restaurant still features a certain menu item we had 3 months earlier if we’re going to toss it into a story.

Pete Gillen, a CBS Sports College Basketball Analyst…and Head Coach of the Providence Friars from 1994-98, laid out his predictions for the remainder of the NCAA tournament in the New York Post. Before diving into basketball analysis, Gillen made an unforced error.

My bracket looks like a piece of swiss cheese, there are so many holes in it. My boss said that if I don’t do better this week, I’ll be picking jai alai winners in Newport, R.I., for a bag of three-day-old doughnuts for the week. The pressure’s on, so I’m really focused.

So, here’s video footage from the last day of jai alai played at Newport Grand…

That was in July of 2003.

Now, perhaps Gillen is just going to show up behind the Opera House with a pair of cestas and see if he can get a few pick-up games going, but it’s more likely that he thought, “That sounds funny. I won’t Google it to find out if it’s at all accurate 17 years after I moved out of the state of Rhode Island.”

-Tristan Pinnock. Blast Sports Analyst Analyst

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