Charlie Enright’s Thank You To “The Best Stopover Yet”

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After a day on the Atlantic, Team Alvimedica’s skipper has some words for Newport, RI.

charlie enrightA day after Amory Ross described the thrill he felt as the Volvo Ocean Race departed Newport on Leg 7, heading across the Atlantic to Lisbon, Charlie Enright got a chance to take to his keyboard, take command of the team’s blog and thank everyone who made Newport “the best stopover yet”.

Thank You To:

The crowds who came down and showed their support, the people who put their boats in early, the classrooms that have been following all along, those who joined us for Pro Ams, those who joined us for the In Port Race, those who jumped off as we departed … the auction winners who supported Hasbro Children’s and Newport Hospitals and the American Heart Association. Leyla Alaton and Alvimedica for being with us since the beginning.

The stopover volunteers for their tireless work and the people who sent steaks to the crew house, people who dropped off cookies and beef jerky, people who made us custom cupcakes with our initials on them, custom bracelets, and custom engraved cutting boards. A huge shout out to Angus Davis and the Clingstone Mafia, Brad Read and the rest of the Sail Newport Staff, and RI government officials for realizing what this could be.

Thanks to Argo, Fish and the Newport Shipyard, Oakcliff, the USMMA Sailing Foundation (especially Ralf Steitz), the Herreshoff Marine Museum, Bristol YC, New York YC, Storm Trysail Club and 11th Hour Racing, my family for putting up with it all, and anyone else I may have forgotten … and the Preakness.


I can’t tell you how great it was to be greeted by 40 boats in the middle of the night, how great it was to see the village full every day, how great it was to have a focus on Ocean Health and Sustainability, how great it was to have everything so organized, and how great it was to have such a knowledgeable populous. Thanks, also, for getting the weather to turn at the exact right time and for making sure that all anyone remembers is that it can be 80 degrees and sunny during a mid-May Sunday in Newport, RI. Every member of our team, and I would venture to guess, every member of every other team, felt so at home and welcome while they were in town.

Hats off to a job well done and hopefully everyone gets another crack at it.

Been meaning to sit down and write this for the past 2 days, because we are all still talking about it, but with the Gulf Stream, 5 competitors, and the need to catch up on sleep, its only coming out now.

Thanks again and til soon,



No, thank YOU, sir! …your crew, your competitors and everyone working for Volvo Ocean Race for an excellent time.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Sailing Correspondent

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