Cocktail Wars Newport Summer Splash Week 2 Recap!

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The Hotel Viking’s Top Of Newport roof bar was the scene for some great cocktails made with Broken Shed vodka.

While the first week of Newport’s Cocktail Wars Summer Splash was almost top heavy with cocktail competition veterans (with one big exception) the second week was mostly first-timers, with one Season 5 finalist being the outlier. As with all Cocktail Wars in Newport this season, the prime ingredient of these mixed drinks is Broken Shed Vodka, a quadruple-distilled whey-based vodka imported from New Zealand.

Here are your Cocktail Wars Summer Splash Week Two Contestants:

  • Chris Belanger – Portsmouth Public House
  • Eric Plotkin – New York Yacht Club
  • Erin Burke – Irish American Club
  • Brad Head – Hotel Viking

We were impressed with this week’s batch of recipes. Interestingly, there were two cocktails featuring watermelon, which is great on a hot, summer day…and two cocktails that featured jalapenos, which are a great way to make cocktails a bit more interesting…but the one that won feature both soothing watermelon and the fiery peppers.

Top Of Newport Rooftop Bar

Bloody Marie Hotel Viking

We coined this Bloody Marie “The Carnivore”, as we went with shrimp, bacon, bacon, bacon and a Slim Jim as our garnishes.

Located on the roof of the Hotel Viking, Top Of Newport features some great views of Newport while you enjoy some adult beverages (or, on Sundays, hit their Bloody Mary bar). To get to the bar, you walk into the front entrance, giving the attentive door staff the greeting of the day, then you turn ┬áright and walk all the way down the corridor until you walk into an elevator with a sign for “Top Of Newport”. Take that elevator all the way up, step out and enjoy the views…then head on over to the bar and Brad Head or one of his protegees will take care of your drink orders.

Broken Shed Vodka

Broken Shed VodkaBroken Shed Vodka is the official sponsor of Cocktail Wars Newport’s Summer Splash. This vodka is made from mountain spring water and New Zealand whey, making it incredibly smooth and easy to drink. Broken Shed Premium Vodka is organic and is additive and gluten-free. Learn more at their website!

Cocktail War Newport Summer Schedule

Remember, there’s still plenty of mixology action to be found this summer. Here’s the schedule:

See you next week at the Rooftop of the Grace Vanderbilt! Try to get there for noon.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cocktail Combat Correspondent

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