Coming Soon To A Wedding Near You: The Fireball Cam

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Who needs a drone when you can attach a camera to a bottle of cinnamon whisky?

Weddings are a constant center for innovative photography. A decade ago, before everyone and their mother had a smartphone, some couples left disposable cameras at each table of their reception. Well, camera technology…and liquor…have made some advances since then.

Now some genius strapped a GoPro to a handle of Fireball and passed it around their wedding.

It’s one of those beauty-in-simplicity kind of moments, where we have to wonder if this should be left as a one-time thing…or become a fad. It’s such a great idea that we’d love to see it get bigger…but we’d also hate for everyone to look back at the 2015 wedding season as “The Fireball ’15”.

Tristan Pinnock, Blast Wedding Correspondent

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