Conan O’Brien’s Support For Lincoln Chafee Has Yielded An Interesting Result

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Late night host had enlisted Aimee Mann & Ted Leo to write a an anthem for former RI Gov’s Presidential campaign.

Last month, Conan O’Brien learned that Rhode Island’s own Presidential candidate, Lincoln Chafee, had zero support in the Democratic primary. Pollsters found NO ONE who had him as their choice. So, seeking to follow in the steps of fellow late night host Stephen Colbert and his famous “Colbert Bump”, Conan decided to try flexing his political muscles and enlisted Team Coco to take Chafee from 0% all the way up to 1% in the polls.

Well, Monmouth University released their latest poll…and it turns out that the only thing notable about Chafee’s campaign is its consistency.

Chafee Primary Poll

That’s right. Lincoln Chafee has spiked from 0% all the way to 0%. By our calculations, he’s multiplied his support several million times. received the understatement of the year from Linc’s spokeswoman.

“If there’s any accuracy to the Monmouth Poll, it looks like O’Malley, Webb and Chafee still have more work to do,” Chafee spokeswoman Debbie Rich told

Alternatively, it’s quite possible that they’ve already dedicated too much effort to the endeavor and should really move on to…while perhaps not bigger or better…just other things. At this point the only way Chafee is going to get higher in the polls is if the next pollster’s auto-dialer manages to randomly call his campaign headquarters a couple dozen times.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Political Correspondent

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