Cranston Attempts To Be Racist; Fails

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Someone in Cranston is too stupid to be a Nazi.

The closest thing in America to a perpetual motion machine is the perpetual offense machine. There’s a never-ending stream of people who like to be offensive…and another unending stream of people who like to be offended. Those who like to be offended irritates the offensive, thus encouraging to be more offensive and keep the process going in perpetuity.

A perfect example happened in Cranston on Tuesday. Some idiot tried to spray-paint a swastika and FAILED…and people still took it seriously. Channel 10 reports:

“Somewhere between 4:15 yesterday and 5 p.m., it was discovered by an area resident who called me,” Tony Liberatore, the director of city’s parks and recreation department, said.

Police were notified and are working with the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office about potential hate crime charges for whoever is found responsible.

The vandals spray painted “I hate Arabs. I hate Jews.” We’re not here to tell racists how to do their job, but it would have been more concise to simply state that you “hate Semites”. That way you save paint and time and can concentrate on making sure your swastikas look like a pair of staples. If there’s anything that’s not Nazi-like, it’s sloppiness and lack of attention to detail.

Nazi SS symbol

Speaking of attention to detail, what are the dashes in the middle of the lighting “S”s? It’s like whoever did this learned their Nazi symbology from a game of telephone.

Here lies the problem. Real racists write books on the evils of other races and build tanks and planes and gas chambers and actually kill lots of people. Then you have the people who want to ride their coattails and use (or in this case, ATTEMPT to use) their symbology to get a rise out of people.

There are those who say “But this is how it starts…” and they’d be right…except this is how it’s been “starting” for decades and it never really seems to get past the teenagers trying to get a reaction phase. Then again, like the perpetrators of this vandalism, Hitler was a failed artist.

There are those who want Cranston to be known for its beautiful women. They now have to contend with the city being known for its failed racists.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Vandalism Correspondent

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