Another Newport Pizza Place Has Closed

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Looks like tough luck for the lovers of a Lower Thames spot.

When Newport’s famed (or notorious) Via Via was evicted from its lower Thames location back in January, one might have thought that it would be a boon for the rest of the pizza parlors in town. Apparently, that hasn’t been the case. All winter long, from Monday through Thursday nights, the only place offering delivery after 10pm was Dominos. Now another pizza place has decided that Newport is no longer a place it can do business. Crazy Dough Pizza has closed its Lower Thames Street Location.

Crazy Dough Pizza Closed

We took a wander down Thames on the Monday evening of the Memorial Day Weekend and were a little confused why a pizza place would be closed at 8:30 at night on a holiday weekend. Sure, on most holiday weekends, there’s a massive exodus that occurs starting around 4pm on Monday afternoon, but there’s still enough people in town for most food spots to stay open until 10pm.

Instead, the shop was dark. On the front door, there was a large note.

Crazy Dough Pizza Newport RI Closed

Crazy Doughs’ is closed permanently. Coming in a few weeks: Karma Pizza Co. Sole owner Paul Duffy. “We’re not crazy” anymore – Paul.

So Crazy Dough is out and Karma Pizza Co. is in…or will be with an expected opening date of June 9. In the meantime, if you’ve just gotten back into town and you have become accustomed to ordering Crazy Dough pizza while summering in the City-By-The-Sea, then you’re going to have to try one of the other pizza parlors in town.

Best of luck to Karma Pizza Co. We hope they can cater to the late night needs of those late night refugees left famished by excessive partying at Dockside and OBs.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pizza Correspondent

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