Criminal Minds’ Sexiest Star Pops Into Newport

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Hint, they’re a former model.

When it rains, it pours. There was the Newport Folk Festival this weekend, which meant all sorts of famous musicians in town. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was at the Newport Shipyard for a Jack Reed fundraiser when he got the call from Hillary Clinton asking him to join her ticket as her Vice President.

In the middle of all this, Shamar Moore showed up in town for his cousin’s wedding.

The reception was held at Bel Mer on Goat Island (recently discovered to be named after a New England Patriot). There Shemar took a pic with wedding staffers Marlene Severino and Kendall Alison Keating (one of Newport’s hottest amateur photographers).

Shemar Moore In Newport

Photo Credit: Marlene Severino

After the reception, Shemar and company headed over to The Lobster Bar, where they met The Hotel Viking’s famous waitress, Michele.

Shemar Moore Newport Lobster Bar

For those of you who missed Shemar, have no fear. He can be seen on Criminal Minds marathons every Monday and Tuesday on ION television. Even though he left the show this last season, it’ll probably take a few years for them to catch up, leaving plenty of time for housewives to think about…

shemar moore abs So how was your weekend?

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Paparazzi Correspondent

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