Deflategate Gets The CSI Treatment In “PSI: Boston” (Video)

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The cop from ‘The Hangover’, the dad from ‘Family Matters’ and one of the lesser-known SNL alumni star.

This is pretty impressive. A video short that rips on both Deflategate and mocks the various CSI shows simultaneously. Former Marine Rob Riggle is rocking the longest hair we’ve ever seen him with as he does his best “If David Caruso grew up in Southie” impression, while insisting on putting his sunglasses on indoors.

What’s probably most impressive is the turnaround on this video. It was shown on Sunday, but still manages to include references to Thursday night’s game and certain “malfunctions”. Whether the whole thing was written and produced in that time or just that clip, still quite commendable.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Deflategate Correspondent

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