Why Do MUGGERS Have A Representative At The State House?

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On Smith Hill, violent criminals have a lobby and Rep. Anastasia Williams is fighting for their right to attack Rhode Island’s delivery drivers.

Last night the Rhode Island House passed a law to make assaulting a delivery driver a felony. It makes sense to provide these people with extra legal protection as they’re typically driving cars that mark them as being in the delivery business and therefore driving around with stuff (pizzas, Chinese food, liquor, etc.) and cash. A group or Rhode Island reps, led by Rep. Raymond Hull, D-Providence, introduced House bill H 5854 to give their pizza delivery guys some legal protection after assaults on them became increasing common in 2017. (In March, the Providence Journal reported that 13 pizza delivery drivers had been attacked since January 1.)

So one might think that this would not be a politically divisive issue. After all, one side has people who like pizza, people who get their pizza delivered, pizza delivery drivers and…well, civilization. Essentially, the only players left for the other side to pick are violent criminals and barbarism…and what kind of politician is going to stand up for them?

Enter Anastasia Williams

RI Rep Anastasia Williams Providence

The ProJo reports that walking ethics violation Representative Anastasia Williams took a stand for MUGGERS against people who are just working for a living.

Rep. Anastasia Williams, a Providence Democrat, urged her colleagues to consider the attackers.

“What’s not right with this bill is that individuals that find themselves in bad positions for the first time, their child needs food, rent needs to be made … they do what they are not supposed to be doing,” she said.

Charging these equally vulnerable people with a felony is unfair.

“The bottom line is, anyone who votes for this bill imposing life sentences on individuals who are asking for our help,” Williams said.

On what planet is mugging someone a cry for help? It’s quite possibly the most opposite of a cry for help. It’s not “what they are not supposed to be doing”. It’s an attack on an individual who’s doing what they need to do to feed a family and pay the rent.

How deranged do you have be to think say that a delivery driver and the thug assaulting them are equally vulnerable? You’ve got a person who’s spent a bit of time plotting how they’re going to attack someone, how they’re going to threaten them and take their money…and then you’ve got a person who’s trying to deliver a pizza. At first glance, both these people might look like they need help and protection from the state, but able to ponder the situation over the course of a few milliseconds, we’re guessing that most Rhode Islands would side with the guy doing the delivery and not the violent criminal.

What’s up with District 9?

What does this say about the constituents of Providence’s District 9 that their House Representative thinks that she’s doing them a service keeping the penalty for assaulting a delivery person small? Do they not care because they don’t get anything delivered? Are is that section of Providence filled only with misdemeanor enthusiasts? Are Representative Williams and her constituents (both those in District 9 and those who will be returning there from Cranston before her next election) unfamiliar with the concept of deterrence?

Once again, the Rhode Island House of Representatives makes us question what kind of people we are if these are the people who represent us.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pizza Correspondent

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