Did South Park Just Kill Yelp?

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone skewer online reviews in latest episode.

South Park has had a long history of letting America know when something has peaked. The most glaring example in our memory is Jennifer Lopez, who just seemed to lost something after “taco-flavored keeses”. It’s not necessarily that the show itself brought an end to her career peak…it’s just as likely that the folks at South Park knew that she had spiked, been overexposed and they were just capitalizing on her inevitable downfall.

It’s like creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone shorted a stock. Now, they might have done it again…this time with online review giant Yelp.

Yelp was founded in 2004 and has long been considered a great way to let the world know what you think of various businesses, based on your experience recieving goods or services from them, whether you slept with the owner’s brother and if he called you afterwards, whether they kicked your drunk ass out…or whatever feelings you might have about the neighborhood they might be located in.

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For the longest time, businesses lived in fear of Yelp like it was the Old Testament God, ready to smote them with a series of 1-star reviews. But it would seem that we’ve hit Peak Yelp. We’ve got businesses suing people for bad reviews, Yelp kinda-sorta offering to at least disregard bad reviews in exchange for some advertising dollars in what appears to many to be an extortion-based business model and a whole lot of people writing reviews not based on their experiences, but as a means to their own low-level extortion and/or score settling.

Now they’ve been called out in “You’re Not Yelping”, which includes a nice little musical number entitled “Boogers and Cum“. Watch the whole episode:

FYI, here’s what Yelp’s stock has done over the past year…

yelp stock price 2015

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Yelp Elite Correspondent

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