DON’T BREATHE trailer is here to F up your Wednesday

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We don’t usually post about movie trailers here at The Blast. We just find that most have already been reported to death. So you know that if we are reporting on a trailer, it MUST be good.

***WARNING*** If you have high blood pressure, either make sure you’ve taken your medication, or or dont scroll below.

This is one of those trailers, that once you watch it, you’ll know exactly where you stand. You’ll either stand up, fist pump, and say F-CK YEAH! or, scream OMG, NO THANK YOU! and toss your laptop to the floor in disgust. Personally, I’m firmly in the former camp. If you can’t handle intense thrillers with horror elements, then I can tell you right now, this movie is definitely not for you. However, with that being said, I still encourage everyone to check out the trailer and figure out for yourselves. You’ve been warned…

The reviews for this film have been nothing but great. It screened at SXSW, and I recall reading really good things about it.

Horror needs more movies like this, hopefully I’ll see you on August 26th.

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