Don’t Let Insta-Stalking Destroy Your Life

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Take a lesson from this young man’s mistake.

There’s always a bit of a risk you take when you set off away from your regular social media account’s feed and go “exploring” back into history…especially when that exploring is going through one particular person’s history. Perhaps someone that you’re interested in, romantically.

Facebook kind of condenses that kind of thing, if you’ve never Facebook stalked yourself, you discover that a lot of stuff kind of disappears. That’s fine, because most of it doesn’t age that well. Not Instagram, though. Instagram has the quality of a scrapbook that makes it incredibly attractive to the infatuated…especially if they’re infatuated with the selfie-infatuated.

We all know the rules. Look, but don’t touch. There’s nothing more awkward than someone you know liking and suddenly unliking an ancient photo of yours. That’s just a guilty plea for Insta-stalking. So if you do do the “accidental like” then all you can really do is pray for some hashtags. Hashtags can provide an out…sometimes. If it’s something like #Love, you’re screwed, because there’s over a billion photos so there’s no way you can claim that you happened to be two hundred million photos back and happened across that one she posted two years ago.

Hopefully she used something like #ComedyFilm…like the Kinnane Brothers do. It’s only been used about five thousand times, so it’s feasible that you were a thousand pics in when you happened across a random photo of your sweetheart. That way you don’t have to destroy your phone…or die from sheer embarrassment.

Both things to be avoided…almost as much as liking Instagram posts that are more than a week old.

Also, stop being a creeper.

Also, also…can anyone guess where this was shot? (Hint: not in the Midwest)

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comptonite Correspondent

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