Drones & Donuts: Fun In The Newport Snow (Video)

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Snowstorms have always made driving more interesting, both in fun and panic-inducing ways. Reduced traction can mean abrupt introductions to concepts like over- and understeer.

Historically, the best way to learn to drive in the snow has been to find an empty parking lot and let rip. At least, that’s the best excuse. It also turns out that doing donuts, spinning out and all that jazz is a lot of fun, too.

Newporter Brian Kelley decided to have a little fun and abide by the modern rule “Pics or it didn’t happen”. However, instead of just shooting himself driving from a handheld phone or camera, he broke out his trusty drone to capture his antics in a Goat Island parking lot.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Winter Correspondent

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