Drunkest NFL Team Fans: How Do The Patriots Rank?

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After the first 7 games of the 2015 season, here’s how drunk the “average” football fan was in each city.


Patriots fans ranked #18 out of the 32 teams with a BAC of .041, which is something we can follow. You have to do some serious tailgating at Gillette if you want a buzz that’s going to last into the 4th quarter without having to put a second mortgage on your house to afford the $10 Coors Lights.

A few points:

  • Did they stop serving alcohol in Cincinnati…or is everyone doing everything they can to make sure they remember every moment of this season?
  • By contrast, is everyone in Buffalo trying to drink away the lost hope that they had in Rex Ryan…or just because they’re Bills fans? Or because they live in Buffalo?
  • We’d have thought Dallas Cowboys fans would be drinking more. Perhaps they imbibe at a slower pace to avoid choking.
  • The data was provided by BACtrack, a breathalyzer company…so it’s based on people with smartphones giving themselves breathalyzer tests with their equipment…which is just crap sampling. That means that the “data” is pretty much meaningless and just serves as a conversation piece and marketing tool…for BACtrack.

For instance, this guy alone could probably have moved the Patriots up and over the Steelers.

The one interesting takeaway on this is that the reported average BAC of a teams’ fans seems to have nothing at all to do with the team’s record.

The Patriots play at 1pm on Sunday and, as always, we recommend that you be responsible and use Pour Judgement.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast PigskinĀ Correspondent

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