Dunkin Donuts Keeps Biting The Hand That Feeds It

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The donut shops keep finding new ways to flip off police.

If you hate the police and don’t want to deal with them, there are quite a few career options available that will allow you to minimize your contact with law enforcement. Unfortunately, working at Dunkin Donuts is not one of them. In fact, by our estimation, working in a donut shop probably ranks maybe 5th in regards to most exposure to law enforcement personnel.

  1. Police Officer
  2. EMT/Fire
  3. Prosecutor
  4. Stupid criminal
  5. Dunkin Donuts employee

Of course, we’re basing that on no facts whatsoever, so it could actually be as high as #2. Regardless, if you don’t like cops, Dunkin Donuts is probably a spot where you don’t want to make a living. On the flipside, we’re guessing that franchisees should do what they can to filter out people who hate cops during the hiring process, as you want employees who will provide excellent service to everyone, but especially for your most reliable customers.

Given two incidents that happened this past Saturday, that isn’t happening.

West Hartford

West+Hartford+Dunkin+Donuts+1200Around 8am on Saturday, Oct. 2, a Connecticut cop was refused service at a West Hartford Dunkin Donuts. CTPost.com reports:

According to WFSB, a West Hartford police officer was declined service at the Dunkin’ Donuts at 1234 Farmington Ave.

The officer left the shop without comment when an employee, upon noticing the officer in line, said “He didn’t get the message, we don’t serve cops here.”

Of course, Dunkin Donuts isn’t supposed to serve cops. They’re supposed to serve donuts…to everyone.


black lives matter police coffeeAt 3pm the same day, a female employee at the Dunkin Donuts store at Atwells and Bradford in Providence wrote “#BlackLivesMatter” on the coffee cup she served to Providence Police Officer William O’Donnell. For those of you who are unaware, “Black Lives Matter” translates roughly into cop-speak as “F**k The Police”.

Dunkin Donuts has gone into damage control.

Dunkin’ Donuts and our franchisees want all guests to be treated well in our restaurants. The franchisee has apologized on behalf of the employee to the police and very much regrets the situation.

We’re sure that Dunkin Donuts does regret the situation. After all, it’s a poor business practice to alienate one of your most reliable customer segments and telling them “We don’t serve your kind here” is about as alienating a statement an employee can tell a customer.

Of course, this is hardly the first time police and fast food employees have had a strained relationship…

So moving forward, we’re hoping DDs gets a little stricter on their treatment of police officers, lest they lose their business to Starbucks, which will leave our law enforcement personnel financially strapped.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Dunkin’ Correspondent

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