The DWARVES are Young and Good Looking

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Self-proclaimed rock legends, the DWARVES, are taking the stage in Newport tonight and you should probably be way more excited than you already are.

Last time they played at Newport Blues Cafe, the overzealous security team was overwhelmed when lead singer Blag Dahlia yelled at them three songs in to stop throwing out paying customers for having a good time, then blasted into fan favorite I Will Deny. The place went apeshit, and the security team stood dumbfounded, unsure if they are really allowed to throw out the entire crowd and start anew. Locals, fans, and newcomers danced and pumped their fists to the most decadent, infectious, hook heavy rock ’n roll to ever hit the stages of Newport, and tonight should be no different.

In fact, considering this show is taking place at The Cafe at Parlor tonight, this show should be way better with way less people getting thrown out! The Cafe has been building itself as the best live venue in town, and this show tonight may just cement that status.

With local favorites, the Skinny Millionaires and We Own Land, along with Decent Criminal, from Santa Rosa, CA, its going to be a lively rocking show from beginning to end.

So get down there early, support local, support the guys that travel from California to entertain you, and definitely support the DWARVES because they’re in love with Everybody’s Girl, and they may just steal yours while breezing through town.

Rock on my friends!

Dennis Hofer was born in Newport Hospital. If you don't know him, someone you know does. He's a master of loading Pez Dispensers, self proclaimed connoisseur of chicken parm sandwiches, and always good for a joke or six. If you see him drinking a hefeweizen, please tell him to just go home. High fives for reading this far.