Emojis That Should Exist…But Don’t

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I understand why they made more “politically correct” emojis. Sort of.

The most politically correct choice would have been to make the emojis the cartoonish yellow in the beginning to avoid any accusations of racism later on…

With that being said, if they were already updating the Apple emoji keyboard, they should have added also emojis that everyone would benefit from, regardless of the level of melanin in our skin.

These emojis would definitely take your texts and social media posts to the next level:


1. “Fingers crossed”– Because everyone is sick and tired of taking the time to text the words.

2. The Finger– This will never, ever happen, but you know that if an appropriate situation ever arose (see the Instagram account @textsfromyourex), you would definitely consider using it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.01.59 PM


3. Two men dancing in Chippendales get-ups- If Apple/emoji developers/the-emoji-“powers-that-be” are making the attempt to be politically correct by providing human emojis of color, then they should also address gender equality by including an equivalent to the two women dancing in Playboy bunny costumes. Just saying.

4. “Pinky promise”- This one is for the kids…or if you have the maturity level of a child.


5. Shark- Shark Week, anyone?


6. Shark jaws- This would be useful for so many things besides Shark Week.

7. Lobster- The New England emoji of the summer for the lobster lovers and anyone who will get sunburned.

8. Butterfly- Think of all the captions for inspirational quotes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that would use the caterpillar and the butterfly emoji together! #MotivationMonday, #TransformationTuesday, #WhateverWednesday, etc.


9. Cheese- No justification necessary.

10. Glass of white wine- Not everyone likes red wine. Would also complement #7 and #9.

11./12. Bottle of champagne/rosé- More exciting (and more realistic) symbols for celebrations, among other things.

13. Ukelele- There’s a French horn emoji… Who decided a French horn emoji would be used more than a ukulele? #perspective

14. Sushi roll- There’s nothing wrong with maki or a bento box, it’s just that a sushi roll would have been more awesome.

15. Spoons- Just imagine the iMessages and texts that would be sent if there was one teaspoon and one tablespoon.

16. Taco- A Taco Bell sponsored emoji.

17. Burrito- A Chipotle sponsored emoji.

18. White coffee up with lid- But a Starbucks sponsored emoji, though… #basic

via Buzzfeed

via Buzzfeed

19. Margarita- Honestly, you can never have too many drink emojis.

20. A pair of sunglasses- Preferably black Ray-Bans, but should have the option to come in several color combinations.

21. Little Black Dress- Why they chose a green dress as an emoji in the first place? Who knows. What would the LBD complement? Everything, because it’s the LBD.

22. Tuxedo- An upgrade from the boring shirt and tie option. Would also complement #21.

Places and Transportation

23. Surfboard- Beyonce would approve.


24. A sailboat with a white sail- If there’s going to be a sailboat emoji, they should have done it right the first time.

25. Paddle- This would be used in reference to so many things except for rowing…

26. A convertible- Should also have the option of coming in several colors (see #20).


27. START- “Started”- Drake

28. FAIL- The right antithesis to the “100” emoji.

29. YES and NO- Obviously.

30. TURN- You could finally text TURN DOWN FOR WHAT just using emojis (“TURN” + down-facing arrow + “4” + “?”)

31. NAH- Because Spongebob said so.


Unfortunately, there will never be enough emojis to help express all of your deep thoughts and feelings via text, but this list is a pretty good start.

What emojis would you want in the Apple emoji keyboard?