More Than You Ever Expected To Know About Patrick Stewart’s Manhood

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“Captain Picard” has been a bit confused about his level of snipped-ness.

The Graham Norton Show is one of those British treats that we look at and wonder why we don’t have anything comparable in America. Sure, we have late-night chat shows and hosts like Jimmy Fallon can end up playing hilarious games with their hosts, but week-in-week-out, Graham Norton tosses a few of the world’s A-listers on a couch and then gets them to reveal the most outrageous things about themselves in what’s guaranteed to be a great time.

This past week was no exception as Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart stopped in as part of their Logan┬ápress junket and things got a little bizarre as Stewart revealed a discovery he’d just made about his own body in a hilarious anecdote and Hugh Jackman spends the whole story beside himself in laughter.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast X-Men Correspondent

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