Expensive Summer Destinations: Where Does Newport Rank?

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You know Newport is expensive…but how does it compare to other New England tourist spots?

There are a lot of ways to judge how pricey a locale is, from the average cost of a meal to what houses are going for on the market. If you’re CheapHotels.org, you judge spots based on the lowest price of a double hotel room, during the peak tourist season months of July and August.

So, for 2015, these are the top ten priciest places to visit…provided that you don’t have a buddy whose couch you can crash on…

10. Falmouth (MA) $164
9. Ogunquit (ME) $187
8. Martha’s Vineyard (MA) $189
7. Cambridge (MA) $207
6. Boston (MA) $213
5. Portland (ME) $223
4. Chatham (MA) $225
3. Newport (RI) $226
2. Kennebunkport (ME) $234
1. Provincetown (MA) $247

That’s right, we got the bronze. While we just cleared Chatham, MA and Portland, ME, it’s nice to see us well above Martha’s Vineyard.

As for the two spots above us on the podium, they’re occupied by communities quite a bit smaller than Newport. Kennebunkport is home to 3500 year-round residents and Provincetown, only 3000, so they’ve got very little supply to offer the demand. Here in Newport, we’re a good chunk bigger(~25,000) and we still demand the big bucks. Possibly because we offer luxuries like Green Tea Gimlets at the Newport Marriott’s Skiff Bar…

Green Tea Gimlet at the Skiff Bar

Anyway…good job pricing your rooms, hotel managers!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Hotel Correspondent

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