Explicit Teen Texts Bizarrely Result In Newport City Councilor John Florez’s Arrest

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Takeaway: Fathers, DO NOT threaten boys who sext your underage daughters.

It seems like just yesterday that high school students were being charged with possession of child porn for receiving naked photos of their peers. Since then, the legal system seems to have shifted to accept a new reality when it comes to teenage sexuality intersecting with modern technology. However, that doesn’t prevent the possibility of legal results that would have been unthinkable a generation ago. Just ask Newport City Councilor John Florez who surrendered to Newport Police after being charged with “making a crank or obscene phone call” after he threatened the 13 year-old boy who was sending explicit texts and photographs to Florez’s 13 year-old daughter.

In a press release Tuesday, Newport Police explained the situation…

The charge stems from a report filed by a family member on December 4, 2017 in regards to Mr. Florez’ minor child receiving sexually explicit text messages on their phone from another minor. The messages were discovered on December 2, 2017.

The family member indicated that Mr. Florez contacted the minor on December 2, 2017 and advised that he did not want his child contacted any further by this minor. The family member also indicated that the minor then called Mr. Florez repeatedly throughout the course of the night.

The family member indicated they were only filing the police report on the recommendations of a Family Court Judge in an effort to obtain a restraining order against the minor child who was sending the text messages. The family member indicated to Newport Police Detectives that they did not wish to pursue charges; they only wanted the minor to stop sending the messages.

During the course of their investigation, Newport Police Detectives developed probable cause that Mr. Florez had called the minor and made several explicit threats to harm the minor.

A full police report on the arrest is expected to be made public on Wednesday.

What does this mean for traditional fathers?

We can’t help but be struck by how bizarrely backwards this story sounds. The fathers of teenage girls have a long tradition of threatening bodily harm on the teenage boys who might act inappropriately towards their daughters. It hasn’t been that long since dads would joke about cleaning their shotgun on the kitchen table whenever a date arrived to pick their daughter up.

Those days are apparently long past. In this case, Mr. Florez took the “proper” legal route and went to the courts to deal with the situation. The family court judge recommended a police report be made and as a result, John Florez ends up arrested because of some threats he made to the young man whose actions set off this chain of events.

Moving forward

What is concerning about this situation is that, while “traditional” approaches fathers and other male relatives have taken when protecting young girls from inappropriate sexual advances may have crossed some legal lines, arresting a father for threats made over the phone seems a bit extreme. Perhaps these charges will find themselves dismissed, but they should serve as a wake-up to fathers (and mothers) that not only can they not threaten boys physically, they can’t do it verbally or electronically.

We’re actually somewhat curious as to what the “officially approved” method might be to deal with one’s underage daughter’s phone filling up with dickpics might be.

As stated above, the full arrest report will likely be released Wednesday, Dec. 12, so that may provide more justification for Florez’s arrest, but in the meantime, any fathers of teenage daughters…watch your step.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Legal Correspondent

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