Why Everyone On Facebook LOVES Your Breakup…

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Everyone is happy about your relationship failing but you.

Facebook, for most modern people, is the voice of their identity to the greater world. It’s a statement to most casual observers of how your life is going. If your relationship has just gone to crap, then people are going to turn to your  profile to learn how it’s going.

First Step

Now, the challenge about a breakup is that there are people who are going to know that it happened. The most obvious is you ex. You’re going to feel a chunk of weight on your shoulders about how this one individual looks at  your response to a now former relationship. You can just switch your profile pic from one of the two of you in bliss to an older one of yourself solo.


A big question is what you do about your relationship status. A lot of savvy social media veterans will switch their social media relationship status to “No relationship info to show”. That cuts down on a lot of questions and keeps most Facebook stalkers at bay.

The only problem is that if you’re a high sexual value individual, in which case, you have a lot of people who check on that status regularly and will note such a shift.

Alternatively, if you really want to take a dump on your ex and bathe in the newfound glory of being single, you can announce that to the world by shifting your status to “Single” and warming yourself by the fire that it creates.

What People Thought Of Your Previous Relationship

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To put it bluntly, no one cared. There might be a few couples who did stuff with you and your partner, but at this point they’ve likely been through the process that they saw the writing on the wall and braced themselves.

On the flip-side, if the two of you (or even one) are high sexual market value individuals (rich, sexy, beautiful, etc.) then everyone else is lining up like carrion to get their beaks into the new singles in the marketplace.

How To Take It

You probably don’t want to rush things, especially if you’re someone who knows there’s a lot of people who want to bed you. We mean, you can, if want to rush things, but the easier way is to take it slow. If you break up, leave your status as “none” while word makes its way through the grapevine. If the kind of prospects that you might be interested don’t pop up, then you can fly the “Single” flag.

The Rebound

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Everyone expects the rebound. In fact, many count on it. The problem that arises is that, some times of the year (especially the holidays) people have a habit of broadcasting their desperation. It’s hard to blame them, but even so, if you find yourself in such a situation, do your best to knock it off. If you’re a woman, you’re just opening yourself to being  taken advantage of. If you’re a man, you’re just inviting celibacy. The rest of us don’t care about how you feel or that hole in your soul. You’re just going to get used or ignored (which will likely hurt more).

What to do…

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