Facebook Knows What Rhode Islanders (And Everyone Else) Are Thankful For

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Facebook did a little study to see what everyone was thankful for over the last few months and released its findings for Thanksgiving. It was pretty much as one might expect, a lot of “family”, “friends” and “family and  friends”. Surprisingly, “job” outranks “husband” and “children” while “wife” didn’t even crack the top 10, probably because 90% of those surveyed were women…who really like to work.

What are people thankful for overall


While we’re sure that all these people truly are thankful for what they posted about, it’s all a bit Hallmark dull. If someone is in a situation where they feel grateful, it’s usually those who make up their friends and family who inspire such feelings of gratitude. So looking to shake things up and find something a little more interesting, the data scientists at Facebook decided to see what each state was talking about.

What Is Rhode Island Thankful For?

Rhode Islanders are really thankful for something that we have a lot of (comes with all that coastline).

Credit: Victoria Mele

That’s right: The Beach.

And you think “Well, that makes sense. We have beautiful beaches in Rhode Island and it’s great to live by them”. Oddly enough, Florida and Maine were pretty much on the same page with “living near the beach”…probably because such sentiment would be a little redundant to say in the Ocean State.

Speaking of “the ocean”, that was Massachusetts’ big thing to be thankful for. Connecticut went with “autumn”, probably because they’re tired of Rhode Islanders raving on and on about the beach.

As you look at the rest of the country, it becomes a sea of thankfulness about the weather, God, Youtube, and country music. Check it out:

Facebook Thanksful Map


Folks in Indiana seem to be really happy about the 1st Amendment, but we’re a little surprised the the 5th Amendment, which affords US citizens the right not to incriminate themselves, didn’t get more love. Then again, if you’re really appreciative of that particular amendment, it’s probably not a good idea to post about it on Facebook.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Gratitude Correspondent


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