Farewell to Newport’s Fourth Beach

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Broadway businesses celebrate the return of…parking.

We all knew it was coming. Lower Broadway was going to be torn apart and put back together as…well, someone up on high saw fit. On May 20th, it started and pretty soon, the street known as Broadway was pretty unrecognizable. Sure, if you looked up at the bars, restaurants and shops, you’d recognize those…but the street itself was a wasteland.

Broadway responded as you might expect, renaming the street “Fourth Beach” and running with the theme…

Broadway businesses are getting creative as they deal with the economic cost of construction.http://thenewportblast.com/welcome-to-newports-fouth-beach/

Posted by The Newport Blast on Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fourth Beach was much like any other beach in Newport. There was sand and water and every once in a while, some gov’t official would declare that you’re not allowed to go swimming.

There was even a little vandalism.

So today, with birds chirping (because there are still trees this end of Broadway), local business owners discovered that they had an actual street…with parking spots. Hope’s Boofish was elated. eric boofish kissing land   Pour Judgement was a tad more reserved…

For the first time since May 20th Pour Judgement proudly presents parking!

Posted by Pour Judgement on Friday, July 10, 2015

Well, if there’s been one thing that Broadway has been in desperate need of, it’s been the return of more parking. Naturally, all those spots are going to be taken the moment you think about using them, but there will be others.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Parking Correspondent

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