We Can Now Announce What Is Replacing Potter & Co

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Iconic Newport clothing store now has a permanent replacement.

Rumors have been swirling about what retail store was going into 172 Thames ever since A Christmas To Remember abruptly closed its doors earlier this year. A Christmas To Remember had seemed like an odd replacement for Potter & Co, given the newer store’s smaller footprint and more niche appeal, especially considering that Potter had closed because it couldn’t afford the rent.

Long story short, A Christmas To Remember was paying a placeholder rent while the building owners searched for a new, permanent tenant. They have since re-opened in a location on Long Wharf.

For a couple months, rumors had swirled about who that new tenant might be. One name kept popping up, but just because a company is looking at a building by no means means that they’re in. However, it now appears they’ve locked themselves in and will be opening in the near future.

This could also explain why noted British clothing brand Jack Wills closed shop abruptly a couple months back.

Welcome to the neighborhood…

Fatface in Newport RI


So who is Fatface? The company started in 1988 at a French ski resort by a couple of ski bums, former policeman Tim Slade and business graduate Jules Leaver. The two would sell t-shirts they had printed up and use the revenue to fund their skiing lifestyle. This turned out to be a rather successful venture and in 1993, they opened the first Fatface store on London’t Fulham Road.

The name “Fat Face” comes from the Face de Bellevarde slope in Val-d’Isère. Somewhere there’s a joke about the English finally starting to take their language back after the Norman invasion, but at this moment it escapes us.

The brand has over 200 stores in the UK and Ireland…but only two so open thus far in the United States; One in Portland, Maine and a second in Lynnfield, MA. So that means a Newport, RI location will likely be the third, unless their expansion is taking a more multi-pronged approach and they have a dozen about to pop up in the next month while we’re waiting for the Thames Street spot to open.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Anglophile Correspondent

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