FDR Ordered The Navy To Hunt For Homosexuals In Newport In The Most Gay Way Possible

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Does Having Sex With Men Make You Gay…If You’re Following Orders?

The key to sting operations is to make sure that you’re not introducing more of whatever prohibited substance or activity than you’re stopping. Most citizens don’t want to hear that cops are distributing kilos of heroin or giving drug lords hundreds of guns because that doesn’t really fix the problem that the prohibition was supposed to stop in the first place.

en-assistant-secretary-fdrAccording to GoLocalProv, this concept escaped the grasp of Assistant Secretary of the Navy (and future President) Franklin D. Roosevelt when he decided to take on the threat of Newport’s homosexuals.

In the spring of 1919, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt and his fellow officers at the Newport, Rhode Island Naval Training Station recruited enlisted sailors to investigate what they called “immoral conditions”– homosexual activity —  in Newport through the use of entrapment.

Now how exactly does that recruitment happen? Are candidates pre-selected…or was it a simple matter of asking “Who wants to volunteer for a special assignment for the Assistant Secretary of the Navy?” at morning formation? Or was it a more direct “Who hates queers?”

What have you done for your country today?

After these men are recruited, they are organized into a special unit and given a mission.

The decoys were ordered to have sex with “sexual perverts” in the community, resulting in the arrest of more than 20 sailors and 16 civilians including a prominent Episcopal Navy clergyman, Samuel Kent.

That’s right…the “decoys” were ordered to have sex with men. We’re not entirely familiar with the “gayness” scale, so we’re not entirely sure where ordering men to have sex with men ranks in relation to actually having homosexual sex yourself, but we’re guessing that it’s all in there pretty deep.

As for the stings themselves, for all we know, they must have gone something like this…

It’s probably a good thing that we’re now in an era where homosexuality is tolerated in the military so all of our manpower is dedicated to defending the country instead of hunting for gay men and having sex with them.

Tristan Pinnock, Blast Military Correspondent


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