Fight Club…without Tyler Durden (Video)

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The reality of Fight Club from a passive observer’s perspective.

Fight Club was one of the most seminal films to come out of the late 90’s. Even if you haven’t seen it, I bet you know at least one rule of Fight Club, and probably had the ending ruined for you. But now everyone has a chance to see it in a whole new way!

At least part of it anyway…

Richard Trammell decided he wanted to know what Fight Club would be like WITHOUT Tyler Durden. And as it turns out, Fight Club CAN get darker.

At first I didn’t like how he didn’t include the audio, but now I think it was a brilliant move. Watching Edward Norton’s character (his name was never mentioned in the film, but you already knew that) talk and fight with himself is so much more jarring without hearing Tyler’s voice provoking him. His pathos just clearly shines through.

Obviously this wouldn’t have been as impactful the first time around, and would have made for a weird and boring film. However watching it with context adds a whole other level of creepiness. Watching the whole film this way would be fascinating, especially that scene when Marla is riding Tyler.

I’m sure Richard Trammell would never admit to how much time he spent on this project, and making this was probably way harder than anyone would ever think to give him credit for. Yet I still am holding out hope that this was a breeze to make, and we’re just a short time away from a full length Fight Club without Tyler Durden.

Honestly though, my favorite part of the whole video was the email address at the end., seriously??? Richard Trammell you are a genius with your late 90’s callbacks! At least I hope that’s what that was….

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