Fight Fire With Fire: Pats Fan Hires His Own Aerial Banner

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Plane buzzes the NFL Commissioner’s Maine residence with a not-so-subtle message.

We have to admit that Richard Pate’s idea isn’t the most original ever conceived by a New England fan, but we’re not sure if that will make Commissioner Goodell feel any better about it.

With the 2015 season looming, Deflate-gate continues to escalate with no indication that any side is willing to back down.

After a Jets fan group paid a plane to tow an aerial banner accusing the Patriots of cheating over the team’s training camp last Thursday, New England fan Richard Pate figured he might as well use that method to tell the NFL Commissioner to GTFO of Maine.

Goodell Banner 2

With Maine not keen to have him and a lifetime ban from Pour Judgement, Goodell is finding his freedom of movement (and ability to get Newport’s favorite cheap eats) severely restricted.

Welcome to PJ’s now keep moving! ?

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-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Deflategate Correspondent

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