Filmed In Newport & Little Compton, Catch “The Passing Season” Release Party

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Catch the FREE screening Wednesday night in Providence!

For anyone who has ventured out into the world, with plans to make so much more of themselves than they could in their little hometown…only to come back with their tail between their legs, The Passing Season will speak to you. If your little hometown is Little Compton, Rhode Island, it will scream into you, like a foreboding ghost haunting Wilbour Woods.

The film features¬†Brian J. Smith as Sam. Sam is a minor league hockey player who gets cut and decides to go home again…or at least to try. Naturally, things don’t quite work out that simply, even in quiet towns with one bar.

At this point, most Newporters know the feeling you get when you see your town shown in a feature film like The Great Gatsby, True Lies, Amistad, Moonrise Kingdom, etc. It’s something akin to watching a play. Rationally, your brain can tell that what’s happening in front of you isn’t real…but it’s so much more intimate that your suspension of disbelief is that much greater.

How directors and location scouts pick spots to shoot a film has almost nothing to do with where and what they shoot, which gets someone confusing when you watch characters next to a building get into a car and drive five minutes (past the same row of three houses twice) only to get out at a spot that’s just on the other side of that first building. According to our “real geography” this makes no sense, but we don’t care because it’s our town on screen and we feel like movie insiders because we know what tricks were pulled.

First time director Gabriel Long did an amazing job of taking a project with a tiny budget and a skeleton crew and making it a feel like the production of a well-oiled studio machine.

The full screening and release party happen Wednesday, May 10 starting at 6:30pm at the Aurora Providence. RSVP HERE.

If you can’t make the party, catch The Passing Season on iTunes¬†or Amazon.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Comptonite Correspondent

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