Finally, A Love Song Exclusively For Rhode Island Girls

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Rhode Island girls are a special breed and someone finally wrote a song about you.

This isn’t a song about Rhode Island girls really. It’s more about girls in Rhode Island, a swell place full of coffee milk and Dunkin’ Donuts.

So this song is the audio version of Ben Decastro’s video which included no talking, just cue cards.

It being musical, however, an attempt at romance is made, but it’s the kind of romantic overture that makes you cringe when you hear it, then your crush falls head over heels for the guy who brought the acoustic guitar to the party and you know you should have smashed it John Belushi-style, but didn’t because you figured everyone could see that it was a transparent attempt at attention and everyone could see that except the girl you actually care about and now you have to reevaluate why you even liked her in the first place if this is a reflection of her taste and judgement and this whole experience really breaks your heart because not only does she suck but you suck for liking her in the first place… </rant>

In other words, it’s like someone filled Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer with Autocrat Coffee Syrup. It’s not what most people would call “good”, but it’s authentically Rhode Island enough that people will like it for a minute or two.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Girl Correspondent

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