Fishing Boat Sakonnet Lobster Sinks Off Block Island (Video)

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Coast Guard rescues 4 crewmen.

Forty miles south of Block Island, the 60-foot Tiverton- and Little Compton-based lobster boat Sakonnet Lobster made a distress call at 4:15am Thursday morning when it started taking on water in 6-foot seas with a 30kt wind. The Coast Guard responded with a helicopter from Air Station Cape Cod and the Coast Guard Cutter Chinook.

GCaptain reports on the rescue:

At about 6:40 a.m., the Sakonnet Lobster crew had donned their survival suits and abandoned ship.

The aircrew arrived on scene and hoisted all four fishermen safely aboard by 7 a.m. before transporting the men to shore where EMS awaited. No injuries were reported.

Video from the scene shows the lobster boat foundering in less-than-calm seas before the men are hoisted to the helicopter with the help from a rescue swimmer.

The Sakonnet Lobster sank in about 250 feet of water, and the Cutter Chinook marked its last known position, the Coast Guard said.

So that sucks. Or rather, the sinking of the Sakonnet Lobster sucks. Everything that happened afterward was great.

“These are very lucky, but also very prepared fishermen,” said Lt. Matt Vanderslice, the aircraft co-pilot from Air Station Cape Cod. “They had all the right gear onboard, it worked, and they knew how to use it – That’s why they’re safely back on land today.”

Good to hear that everyone is safe and sound and many thanks to the Coast Guard for bring the crew home safe. Here’s a pic of the boat after it faced some even nastier weather back in 2010 (from Sakonnet Lobster’s Facebook page.)

Sakonnet Lobster Ice


It’s times like this when we realize that as much as seafood is a driver of the local economy (find best fish tank filter), it is not without its risks. Remember that the next time you’re thinking “The baked stuffed lobster is HOW %$#%ING MUCH?!?!”

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