Fishing Boat Sinking Off Newport Has Apt Name

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Coast Guard rescue out of Castle Hill saves the day.

Around noon, a fishing vessel located ten miles south of Newport radioed authorities that they were taking on water. A boat out of Coast Guard Station Castle Hill arrived in time to transfer the crew of two off the vessel, “dewater” it and tow it back to port.

The fishing vessel’s name?

More Misery.

We’re hoping ‘More Misery’ loved the company of the two 45-foot rescue boats and a Jayhawk helicopter who arrived on scene. CBS Boston reports that the fishing crew was prepared for the emergency.

“This case highlights the importance of having the right safety equipment on board,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Timothy Chan, a watchstander at Sector Southeastern New England’s command center, in a statement on the Coast Guard website.

The fishermen were prepared with a raft, immersion suits, flares, and an emergency position indicating radio beacon, in case they needed to abandon ship.

Incidents such as this serve as a reminder of the dangers faced by fisherman as they venture out to sea to put tasty dinners on our plates.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Fishing Correspondent

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