Five Breweries Not To Miss At The Newport Craft Beer Festival

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Don’t overlook these small or underrated craft breweries.

The Newport Craft Beer Festival keeps growing, this year bringing a record THIRTY-EIGHT breweries to town. In years past, it was probably possible to get a sample from each brewery on display.

There are a lot of great breweries who are going to be present. Some, like Ballast Point and Lagunitas, need no introduction. If you like beer enough to buy a beer fest ticket anywhere in the country, you should be well familiar. Others, like Newport Storm and Grey Sail, should be well known to the beer drinkers of southern New England.

However, this year, given that both 3-hour sessions are sold out and the number of breweries is up, we figured we’d give a mention to those lower-profile brands that you might not of heard of if you’re not a fanatic in the RI craft beer scene.

For a quick reference, here’s the map of how things are planned to look under the tent. Notice that the Rhode Island breweries are located around the outside, while regional and national breweries are in the center stretch.

Newport Craft Beer Festival Map 2016


1. Proclamation Ale Company

proclamation logo

Proclamation is a brewery that is doing great work, but their beers disappear fast, whether they’re on tap or at the liquor store. A few years back, their Tendril IPA was undisputed as the best thing brewed in Rhode Island, but it was almost impossible to find outside of a few Providence-area bars.

They have since been able to increase production and their offerings, like Derivative and The Stalk have made their way to Newport bars and liquor stores, but they do not last long. Pour Judgement even had Tendril on tap a couple months back in what, to the best of our knowledge, was the first time it had been seen on the island.

2. Ravenous Brewing Company

ravenous beer

Probably the best thing to come out of Woonsocket since CVS, Ravenous Brewing is another small Rhode Island brewery who struggles to meet demand. Ravenous is one of those breweries whose beers makes an appearance and you think “Oh good, they’ve expanded down here”…only for the beer to sell out and disappear for 6 months or so.

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