Five Breweries Not To Miss At The Newport Craft Beer Festival

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3. Crooked Current

Crooked Currant Brewery

They brand themselves “the smallest brewery in the smallest state”. We’ve only had their beer one time…at last year’s Newport Craft Beer Festival. If you’re not the type to head over the bridges and up to Pawtucket, you might have some difficulty finding Crooked Current‘s beers, so seize your opportunity tomorrow.

4. Clown Shoes Beer

Clown Shoes at Bridge Liquors

These guys are┬ápossibly the most famous “gypsy” brewers left. Maine Beer Co. and Schmaltz Brewing have decided to make themselves respectable by settling down and building their a physical home to make their beer. The brainchild of a couple liquor store employees (and we all know what a shady bunch they are), Clown Shoes tends to be somewhat overlooked, but if for their dogged fans (your humble correspondent included) they find ways to impress, year after year.

5. Backlash Brewing

Backlash Beer Logo

A Massachusetts brewery that is probably more famous for their tap handles than their beer, but only because their tap handles are so damn cool. We saw them for the first time at the American Craft Beer Festival in Boston. Their table was covered in camouflage netting, with a bunch of brass knuckles sticking out of the top. Those were the most bad-ass tap handles we’d ever seen. The beer was good, but the presentation was excellent.

Now Backlash is teaming up with RI’s Bucket Brewery to can their beers so we hope to see them available soon.

See you there!

The Newport Craft Beer Festival is always a great time to see brewers and reps and to talk craft beer. We can’t wait to see all of the beer lovers who were lucky enough to score tickets to this event.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent

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