Five Reasons Not To Be A Bitter Single On Valentine’s Day

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AKA Singles Awareness Day, Valentine’s Day is known to make those without relationships a little cranky. Don’t let it.

Valentines Day is here again and your social media has been invaded by three types of posts.

The first is the “Look at what my boyfriend/husband bought/did for me.” This can range from a single rose to an engagement ring or a mansion.

The second reeks of desperation as¬†businesses offer all sorts of goods and services for guys to purchase¬†for their girls, “Please buy our stuff. It’s February in Newport, RI. WE’RE DYING OUT HERE!!!”

The third is all of those who aren’t in relationships let their feelings on the the whole Hallmark holiday known. “F- this! F- you all!”

Now here’s the thing…

It’s Not That Bad

Sure, it feels like you’ve been alone forever and a day, but things aren’t as bad as they feel. Here are five reasons why.

1. Cuffing Season Is OVER

“Cuffing Season” was a term we only encountered for the first time this past November (and to be fair, it’s only come into existence is this decade). Before that, however, we think everyone was familiar with the concept. We wrote a nice long post about it using the term “Winter Cling” (as opposed to “Summer Fling”), pointing out that the fall and winter holidays are basically a giant funnel to push people into relationships using colder temperatures and more darkness.

But even if you tortured yourself watching Love Actually in some vain attempt to get your heart to end your pain and give you the Newport Ditch, you’re already past the worst of it. Sunset is almost at 5:20pm, almost an hour later than the winter solstice. The weather is still a bit crap, but the worst will be behind us in a few weeks and before you know it, it’ll be time for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the official start of spring.

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