Four Newporters Among Providence Business News’ “RI’s Best Young Chefs”

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Here is the talent to look out for!

Providence Business News just announced their list of Rhode Island’s ten best young chefs…and Newport made a fine showing, taking four of the spots.

At this point, it’s no secret that Newport has become a culinary mecca that rivals not just regional restaurant destinations like Providence, but most national challengers too. These are the young talents who are helping to make this happen.

Here they are…in alphabetical order…

Christopher Bender

Stoneacre Pantry

Christopher Bender, Stoneacre Pantry


Christopher Bender has worked as a general manager at Mas (farmhouse) in New York City, and as a captain and head waiter at the Spiced Pear in Newport.

Today, at 33, as co-owner and executive chef of the Stoneacre Pantry in Newport, what Bender values most is something Thomas Keller taught him at Per Se in New York City: discipline and finesse.

“He was one of the few people I worked with who took as much care with the front of the house as the back of the house,” Bender said – a work ethic the younger chef has adopted at Stoneacre.

On Newport:

“I like that it’s a small environment that allows us to be creative and represent not only what we’re doing but what the local farmers are doing,” he said. “Newport provides a much better quality of life and freedom to work outside the confines of a high-priced city.”

Bender’s full story.


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