Goose Island Is Rolling Into Newport Wednesday Night (With Bourbon County)!

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Stop by Pour Judgement for a Pint Night starting at 7!

Great beers keep making their way into Pour Judgement’s taplines…and then out just as fast. The last beer event was a combo tap-takeover with Stone and Sierra Nevada and those beers did not last long. The collaboration NxS was almost dead the first night. The rest of the Sierra Nevada IPAs were dead before the weekend was through and a couple of the Stone stouts managed to stagger on to make it to the week point before kicking (helped mostly by smaller (12oz vs 16oz) pours).

Now it’s Goose Island’s turn to do its thing. They’ll be showing up with…

Bourbon County Brand Stout


The original barrel-aged beer, Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout, is more than a mouthful in a variety of ways. It comes in at ~14% ABV, which is almost three times as much as a Bud Heavy. It’s not so much the alcohol as it is the sheer amount of flavor that makes this a beer to be sipped…slowly.

Interesting fact about Bourbon County is that the stout has never been released un-aged. Unlike most other barrel-aged beers, where the brewer takes an existing beer and sticks it in some used distillery barrels, the stout in Bourbon County was never made available beforehand. From what we’ve read from those who have tasted it, it’s…well, not that it’s bad…it just needs 8-24 months in a bourbon barrel to settle down before being consumed.

Also on tap will be…

Sofie Farmhouse Ale


The Odgen Tripel


…and finally, something called Winter Experimental Ale.


Anyhow, fun starts at 7. Brewery and distributor reps will be around until at least 9. The beers flow…until they’re kicked. This being Pour Judgement, you’ll want to get there sooner rather than later.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Beer Correspondent


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