Graffiti Girls Grabbed

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Wanted Newport Cliff Walk vandals surrender.

After a week of incredible social media exposure, two young East Providence women turned themselves in to the Newport Police to fess to defacing one of Newport’s most cherished attractions, the Cliff Walk.¬†22 year-olds Jocelyn and Jenna Senecal were both charged with one count of graffiti and one count of conspiracy and are scheduled to appear in Newport District Court on December 13.

Earlier this week, Newport Police shared three photos of the girls at the scene of the crime on the Department Facebook page. The pictures showed two girls grasping spray paint cans.¬†Those photographs were not detailed enough to reveal the color of the paint in their hands, but the expression on the girls’ faces leads us to believe it might have been “red”.

It would appear that even the Newport Police were taken aback by the visceral online reaction to their original post as they announced that they’ve removed it and requested that no one make any comments to the announcement that the young women have surrendered.

No word if Jocelyn and Jenna Senecal spent any time in the police station’s holding cells, but hopefully they remembered to never touch the walls.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Cliff Walk Correspondent

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