Gronk’s Party Bus Is Coming To Newport’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

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Will the Patriots’ tight end be in attendance?

The Gronk Bus announced on their blog that Rob Gronkowski’s party bus, “The 87”,  will be coming down to Newport for our St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Are you and your friends waking up super early to party hard and celebrate your Irish heritage?

Newport, Rhode Island’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is known for their amazing parade that happens every year before St. Patrick’s Day.  (This year, March 11th at 11:00 am!)

Can you guess what will be apart of the parade? Rob Gronkowski’s Specialty vehicle, THE 87!!

Which raises the question…will Gronk himself be in attendance?

ROCKSTAR LIMO and The Gronk Bus are teaming up to show all of Newport, RI how to GET THEIR GRONK ON this St. Patrick’s Day!

Like we always say, you never know… Rob could choose this parade to crash too! Anything is possible!

Well, that doesn’t sound too definite…but…

There are two factors that give us hope that the big guy will come down. The first is that Gronkowski loves a good parade, regardless of the weather. Look at the guy, he’s a Parade Day Pro!

The second factor is that Gronk loves partying it up in Newport. Here’s a shot of him hanging a few locals last summer @The Deck.

So fingers crossed everyone. It could happen. If it doesn’t, it’s really Gronk’s loss. After all, we want to teach him the Parade Day Drinking Game!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Gronk Correspondent

Tristan's just this guy, ya know?