Guess Which Newport Bartender Made A Jeep Commercial!

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They’ve gone from slinging drinks to the stage to the small screen!

If you’ve studied Newport bartenders, you know that they tend to be a relatively good-looking crew…or, at least, not people who your eyes actively evade looking at. That said, if the average Newport local were asked “Which bartender looks like they could be a professional actor?”

Five years ago, the answer would be “The guy at Pour Judgement who looks like he’s on The Office”, but since the show’s final episode in May of 2013, it’s a comparison that has become increasingly rare. Let’s compare, shall we?


On the right we have The Office’s John Krasinski and on the left, we have Pour Judgement’s Josh Whalen. Wait, no…other way around.

Anyhow, Josh has apparently looked in the mirror a few times and wondered, “What do guys with my massive jawline and dreamy eyes do for work…besides working at Scranton paper companies?” So he discovered “acting” and appearing in a local rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Queen Anne Square on August 26.

Looking for further guidance, Whalen then watched Thirteen Hours and realized he wanted to do action on screen, the opportunity for which arrived in a commercial spot for Newport Jeep, highlighting Josh’s Baywatch capabilities of jumping into 4x4s, running on beaches and surfing.

The good news for Newport is that Whalen isn’t heading for Tinseltown quite yet and can still be found behind the bar at Pour Judgement…for now.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Acting Correspondent


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