Snubs Newport Restaurant Week For Fall River’s Jerry Remy’s

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RI’s taxpayers fund promotion of Massachusetts restaurants while Newport’s biggest culinary event is ignored…and then it all gets erased.

It’s a pretty simple rule in marketing that if you’re promoting a business, you don’t promote their competition at the same time. This rule seems to elude the folks who just built the Food section of the new website, who, until a few moments ago, included a “Massachusetts” section among the restaurant recommendations. Scott McKay at points out why this is a bad idea.

First off, one of Rhode Island’s great attractions is our food culture. The website celebrates this, but also steers readers to Jerry Remy’s Restaurant in Fall River and Panera Bread in North Dartmouth and North Attleboro. For the out-of-staters who put this together, let’s note that all these venues are in Massachusetts. So Rhode Island taxpayers are paying to steer diners to the Bay State.

Then, to make matters worse for a site that’s supposed to be pointing to Rhode Island’s strong points, 2016’s Newport Restaurant Week is no where to be found. Oddly enough, the prior years are all there. If you’re curious what dates you could have enjoys $35 three-course meals in the spring of 2015, that information is readily available. This irritates McKay:

That same blog lists a bunch of obscure foodie events, but doesn’t even mention one of the best events in the state: The Newport Restaurant Week, which runs from April 1 to 10. So we’ll give you the information – it includes nearly 50 participating restaurants in Newport and Bristol counties, where diners can savor three-course, prix lunch menus for $16 and three-course, prix dinner offerings for $35.

For more information, consult, not the new visit state site.

By the way, Newport Restaurant Week isn’t new; it has been around since 2006.

One fun part of investigating this story was to see the whole Massachusetts section of Guide RI get run into the digital shredder. At first, we couldnt’ find Jerry Remy’s on the Massachusetts list. Then we noticed that the list was getting shorter, so we took a few screen shots…


Guide RI Massachusetts


Guide RI Massachusetts 1


Guide RI Massachusetts 2

So for now the URL “” exists, but it’s empty.

We suppose at this point, we should point out that’s Where To Eat site uses Rhode Island Monthly’s for its listings.

So let’s here it for public-private partnerships everyone!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Foodie Correspondent

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