What Happens When You Mash Up 12 Days Of Christmas With Toto’s Africa…Acapella

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This Christmas performance by Straight No Chaser is full of “‘Member”.

If you watched South Park this season, you’ll remember how they skewered our culture’s nostalgia addiction with ‘Member Berries, little purple berries that just shout out random memories from the ’80s and have a real affinity for Toto’s Africa.

Well, here we have some distilled nostalgia in the form of Christmas music mashed up with, among other things, Toto’s Africa, a song that has only gotten more popular since this concert was recorded in 1998.

Seriously, we looked up “Toto Africa” on Google Trends. We suspected that it might have gotten more popular in this decade than the last, and it looks like it actually has.

If you enjoyed the original, check out this version, which is an alternative take on Straight No Chaser’s original mashup.

So, with that, Merry Christmas!

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Yuletide Correspondent

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