Has Conan O’Brien Come To Linc Chafee’s Rescue?

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The late-night comedian is doing his damnedest to get Linc up to 1% in the polls.

While many Rhode Islanders think that Lincoln Chafee is already a punchline, the rest of the country may be unaware of how badly his presidential campaign is foundering…mostly because they have no idea who he is or that he’s running for President.

While low poll numbers are hardly unique at this point, especially in the extremely crowded Republican field, Chafee is the only declared candidate of the major parties to poll at literally 0%.

So Conan O’Brien has decided to do what he can to get Linc up to 1%.

First he’s established who Chafee appeals to…

  • African-American Lesbian Stoners who are also CEOs of companies that sell metric measuring cups.
  • Confused Elderly Republicans who think that they’re voting for Abraham Lincoln
  • Horses

Then he commissioned Aimee Mann and Ted Leo to write and perform a campaign jingle for RI’s former governor.

Watch the whole thing here:

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Politics Correspondent

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