Helicopter Evac After Pickup Truck Hits Moped

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Medflight called in to transport 57 year old victim.

Less than 24 hours after a major accident tied up West Main Road in Portsmouth, the road witnessed another major accident, this time in Middletown.

A southbound moped was struck by a northbound pickup truck on West Main Road. The 57 year old moped driver was turning left onto Chase’s Lane when he was hit.

The victim was transported to Newport Hospital.

Due to the victim’s head trauma and other significant injuries, the decision was made to transport him to Rhode Island Hospital via a med-flight which picked him up at Braga Field in Newport.

Medevac Braga Field Newport

Photo Credit: Peter Ruggeri

As we’ve noticed in years past, the back-to-school weeks seem to be a particularly dangerous time for local drivers, so we’d encourage everyone to be especially careful out there. Pay attention to what you’re doing and…more importantly…pay attention to what other drivers might not be doing.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Traffic Correspondent

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