Hoodies of Newport

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Now that we’ve “fallen back” for Daylight Savings, it’s safe to say that’s definitely sweater weather in Newport.


Depending where you go in town, though, you’ll find some people on Thames Street or Bellevue Avenue wearing their cream-colored, chunky cable sweaters imported from Scotland, dressed all preppy in their quilted jackets, their huge plaid blanket scarves and polished equestrian-style boots that have never actually set foot in a horse stable.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. Those Scottish sweaters are actually super warm.

It’s just that if you find yourself on Broadway, chances are you’re going to see most people wearing hoodies, hoodies that happen to be from local businesses with avid, loyal followings.

It’s irrelevant whether or not the hoodies—or any other swag—make a fashion statement. When someone wears a hoodie from their favorite surf shop or burger joint, it’s like wearing a local badge of honor.


In the spirit of sweater weather and our love for all things Newport, we put together a shoot with Maaike Bernstrom Photography featuring swag from Holy Smokes, Mission, Pour Judgment and Water Brothers, as well as premium denim from Laura Jean.


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