How Cold Is It Going To Be In Newport This Weekend?

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It’s not that we can’t deal with freezing temperatures. It’s just that we don’t want to.

There is a time for cold snaps in Newport and it’s called February. By March we can deal with precipitation, but we’re really not interested in super-low temperatures. Unfortunately, it’s not up to us, so this is the forecast for the weekend from The Weather Channel.

Obviously, the daytime temps are pretty tolerable. Just throw on a hat and your winter coat and you’re good. It’s the nighttime lows that are where it gets ugly. We’re not looking at single digits, but we’re oh-so-close. That’s nasty cold. It’s the kind of cold that causes significant shrinkage. So bundle up with numerous layers if you’re going to spend much time outdoors after sundown.

Unless you’re Salve girls heading out to party. Then you ladies do whatever¬†witchcraft you do that allows you to walk around like you’re in Miami when pulling your phone out of your pocket for 30 seconds will turn it into a brick.

On the bright side, the long-term forecast for Parade Day is a bit better. Instead of snowing in the morning when everyone’s outside waiting for the parade to start, it’s going to snow in the evening, when most people are already passed out.

There’s still plenty of chance of rain, however…so plan your outfits (and Parade Day Arrest pools) accordingly.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Weather Correspondent

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