How That Colts Play Was Supposed To Work (Video)

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It worked fine against this Pop Warner team…

“The Swinging Gate” is designed to confuse the defense and works great…provided that they’re 10 years old.

There’s a term we used in the Marine Corps to describe outside-the-box thinking that just didn’t work.

“Good initiative, bad judgement.”

Trick football plays are go through an evolution as the players get better and more experienced. The challenge is determining what plays your own players can execute…as compared to what the defensive players are capable of recognizing and stopping.

If you’re a kid playing Pop Warner, chances are that a bizarre formation is going to throw you for a loop…as it does in the video above. If you’re the Patriots defense, you just look at WR Griff Whalen crouching over the ball and safety Colt Anderson taking the snap and lick your chops before immediately sacking them.

Of course, the Colts’ play did have a bunch of other issues, like a lack of a receiver on one side and an offensive line not set on the line of scrimmage, plus this whole bit where the ball was never supposed to be snapped.

It has, however, been recreated in Tecmo Bowl fashion…

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Pigskin Correspondent

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