How The DeflateGate Battle Has Become A Craft Beer War

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Indiana’s Sun King Brewery started it, now ‘Gansett has responded in kind.

When engaging in brinksmanship, escalations often happen in confused, unexpected ways.

Back during the Battle of Britain, the German Luftwaffe practically had the Royal Air Force beat. They were bombing their airfields constantly and the British pilots were at the breaking point. Then a lost German bomber released its bombs over London and everything changed.

The British responded with a night bombing raid against Berlin. It did little damage, but it embarrassed Herman Goering, who had declared that no enemy aircraft would ever get to Berlin. Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe to level London. So the RAF got a bit of a reprieve, as the bombers that were breaking them were now tasked with levelling one of the largest cities on the planet, a task their medium bombers were ill-equipped for.

What does that have to do with Deflategate and beer? Not much…but it just goes to show how things can change drastically because of one little mistake.

Back in May, the controversy over Deflategate was really heating up. The Wells Report was released May 6. Tom Brady’s four game suspension was announced May 11.

Over in Indianapolis, an employee named “Biscuit” at the Sun King Brewery was working the canning line and decided to have a little fun with the date printer.

Sun King Brady SuxNow, this is exactly the kind of thing one might expect from a ColtsĀ fan, whose team who was roundly schooled for one half of a game by the Patriots using “questionable” balls, then obliterated by them in the second half using the Colts own balls.

Next Up: The Empire Strikes Back


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