How To Do Slip-n-Slide Flipcup Newport-Style

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Newport Creeps escalate the Slip-n-Flip drinking game arms race.

If you’ve been living under a rock with no interest in fun whatsoever, you may have missed a drinking game that’s all over the interwebs: Slip-n-Flip.



It’s the great combination of Slip-n-Slide…and Flipcup. Two teams in a relay race of slipping, sliding, drinking and flipping.

All great fun…and it certainly caught the attention of our protagonists, seen here sipping on some beverages while deep in thought.

Nesi Pineapples

The problem they faced was that, while sliding down some big garbage-bag might impress┬áthe peasants of Oklahoma or wherever, if they were going to bring the game to Newport, they’d have to make some improvements. How could they bring a Newport touch to Slip-n-Flip? Something that brings the fun of backyard day-drinking with the demonstration of superiority one gets when sailing into the harbor in a 200 ft yacht.

We’re kind of imagining a half-naked Nesi, delirious from a week of day-drinking, stumbling into a child’s birthday party, seeing something, screaming “EUREKA!” and scrambling off to get to work.

What did he see?

What did he do?


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