How To Identify A Real Black Friday Brawl Video

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A quick trick to determine the amateurism of the day’s cameramen.

Here is a quick trio of videos of our fellow human beings on Black Friday. Try to work out what they have in common.

Hopefully you recognized that they were all shot in the portrait orientation rather than landscape. Amateur photographers don’t realize that they need to orient their camera the same way their televisions, computer monitors, movie theaters, the eyes on everyone’s faces, etc. are oriented.


So if you see a brawl shot in portrait, you know that it was filmed by someone who didn’t know what they were doing, which is why they’re in the middle of a Walmart brawl at 1am on a Friday morning.

In the following compilation, check which video are filmed portrait vs landscape. With the landscape shots, you can usually tell that they’re pre-planned shots done by someone who has been waiting for a couple months to get some footage of Black Friday so they can put it up on Youtube. If they’re in portrait, it’s someone who heard they could go get some a TV for $99 at midnight and thought that it was an event they might want to be involved in.

Over at the Washington Post, Luke O’Neil writes that “Black Friday brawl videos are how rich people shame the poor“, but we feel much more strongly that shaming people who shoot video in portrait is far more meritorious.  It’s something that certainly isn’t based in class or income, as there are plenty of terrible videographers who are rich, and it doesn’t take money to rotate your phone 90º.

-Tristan Pinnock, Blast Videography Correspondent

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